The BeMona Values

The BeMona Values

BeMona provides socially conscious women of all shapes and sizes with the comfortable and flattering activewear that they deserve while preserving our natural environment. Premium recycled activewear that won’t cost the planet.
How BeMona Creates The Best Activewear For You

How BeMona Creates The Best Activewear For You

At BeMona, we know that creating quality women’s activewear doesn’t happen by chance. We’re a female-founded brand, which is why we understand the needs of the modern, environmentally-conscious woman who wants practical and stunning activewear sets that will see her through any workout without fail. Learn more how we produce the best activewear using used plastic bottles here.
Socially Responsible Clothing with BeMona

Socially Responsible Clothing with BeMona

Although fast fashion dominates today’s clothing market, the manufacturing process of these mass-produced garments can be detrimental to not only the environment, but the workers who are creating the clothes. Learn how we support our staff and the planet.
How BeMona Dyes our Sustainable Activewear

How BeMona Dyes our Sustainable Activewear

The Environmental Impact of Clothes Dye

At BeMona, we understand how important it is for you to have activewear that makes you feel your best. Having cute and colourful sportswear can help to motivate you to hit the gym as well as making you feel confident while working out. However, many women are unaware of the environmental impact of their current athleisure garments.

To give your sportswear its vibrant hue, garments undergo a fabric dyeing process. However, during the process, a large proportion of the synthetic dye does not actually bind to the clothing and is then released into the environment through water waste. This massively impacts the quality of the water and can harm both the creatures living in it and those who come into contact with it.

Furthermore, synthetic dyes can cause allergies, skin irritation, and can be detrimental to the respiratory health of those who are producing and dyeing the garments. That’s why at BeMona, we’re saying no to dangerous and damaging dyeing processes and entering a new era of sustainable activewear to help you feel your best without harming our planet and those living on it.

The BeMona Dyeing Process

Our secret to keeping the production of our recycled leggings and sports bras eco-friendly is in our dyeing process!

We only use eco-friendly dyes for our garments, and all of our wastewater is carefully cleaned and cooled before it is released back into our natural environment.

Our dyes are kind to your skin so that you can wear your BeMona activewear without any worries. Plus, we use RPET plastic waste in our clothing which has been repeatedly tested for over 30 years for its safety, so that you can purchase with confidence.

Our unique dyeing process can result in minimal irregularities in colour, but this helps to make your garments one of a kind! Remember that colours may run at first, so it is best to wash your new leggings or sports bra separately or with similar colours.

Clothing Care with BeMona

With the correct care, your BeMona sportswear can last you years, seeing you through hundreds of workouts. To help preserve your activewear, our top tips are:

  • Wash your garments at a lower temperature with a natural, gentle detergent to help keep the fabric clean and soft while also reducing the fading that can come about when washing your clothes at higher temperatures.
  • When washing, avoid overfilling your machine as this can cause friction between your garments and damage the fibres, leading to premature wear and tear.
  • When you can, air-dry your garments. Not only is this better for the planet than tumble drying, but it also helps to prevent shrinkage and damage to the fibres.
  • If anything gets spilled on your BeMona gear, gently blot the stain immediately and soak your garment in cold water before washing it.

If you are finished with your old BeMona garments, then be sure to return them to us for free and we’ll recycle them so that they can be made into new activewear for others to enjoy for years to come.

Creating Sustainable Activewear with Recycled Plastic

Creating Sustainable Activewear with Recycled Plastic

How is Plastic Recycled?

At BeMona, we believe that creating quality activewear shouldn’t compromise the well-being of our planet. That’s why all of our comfortable, stylish, and practical sportswear is manufactured from recycled, safe RPET plastic water bottles to help reduce CO2 emissions and remove plastic from our oceans.

But how exactly does a simple water bottle get transformed into your new favourite pair of recycled leggings?

It all begins out at sea where plastic waste is collected from the ocean, helping to prevent damage to this delicate ecosystem and the creatures that inhabit it. After collecting as much plastic waste as we can, the bottles are then treated and cleansed to ensure that they’re safe for reuse, and then the manufacturing process begins:

  • Bottles are shredded into tiny pieces so that they can be turned into yarn
  • This yarn is then knitted together to form the fabric that makes up our activewear
  • After the garments are created, we sell them to you to use and love!

And that’s not all; if you want to part ways with your old BeMona recycled clothing, we will recycle your items for free and create new garments with them! We know that you can’t single-handedly save the planet, but everybody can do their bit by supporting plastic recycling for a brighter future.

The Pros of Recycling Plastic

The pros of recycling plastic are truly endless when it comes to giving our world the helping hand it needs. Some of the top benefits are:
  • Less plastic waste has to be burned, which helps to reduce CO2 emissions and improve our air quality

  • Ocean wildlife can be injured or even killed by plastic waste in the ocean which can disrupt the entire ecosystem, so removing it helps to protect our planet’s creatures

  • When plastic is recycled, less plastic waste ends up in landfills which helps to lower levels of soil pollution

  • Recycling plastic helps to utilise our natural resources more efficiently by reducing the usage of new, raw materials, which would use considerably more energy than it takes to recycle

  • Plastic recycling doesn’t just bring about environmental benefits — the collection and manufacturing process helps to create more jobs to benefit workers and the global economy

Support Sustainable Clothing with BeMona

Finding high-quality clothes made from recycled plastic is easy with BeMona!
Our comfortable and cute sportswear is inclusive of all women and is made with recycled plastic so that you can help protect our environment every time you hit the gym.

So far, we have recycled over 18,000 plastic water bottles, and avoided the creation of over 7,000 kilos of CO2, all while providing you with fashionable sportswear that will last you for years to come.

Shop now and embrace the future of sustainable clothing!
The Rising Importance of Sustainable Activewear

The Rising Importance of Sustainable Activewear

Sustainable activewear: The new and improved way to workout.

Use recycled leggings and enjoy guilt free the best squat proof gym leggings while doing a great impact on our planet.