The BeMona Story

At BeMona, we know that creating quality women’s activewear doesn’t happen by chance. We’re a female-founded brand, which is why we understand the needs of the modern, environmentally-conscious woman who wants practical and stunning activewear sets that will see her through any workout without fail.

We designed our women’s activewear in Cork, where we spent months perfecting our designs for maximum comfort and support. After months of searching, we found reliable suppliers with an excellent track record of social and environmental responsibility, and BeMona was finally born.

We strive to create our dream activewear sets and pride ourselves on being an ethical clothing brand that doesn’t cut corners just to make a bigger profit. All of our recycled leggings and sports bras have been made with care, and we hope that you’ll love our activewear as much as we do.

Our Production Process

Wondering what makes our athleisure garments so high-quality? Every part of the production process, from the initial design stage to the final packaging, has been carefully curated by us to be as thorough and environmentally friendly as possible, resulting in durable and beautiful activewear that won’t weigh heavy on your consciousness.

  • Our leggings begin as plastic water bottles that have been disposed of in the ocean. We collect as many as we can before treating and cleaning them. All of the bottles we use contain PET plastic which is completely safe for use in our garments.
  • After the bottles have been treated, they are shredded and transformed into super-durable yarn that is stronger than regular polyester. Because of this, our leggings are able to withstand any workout, no matter how intense!
  • The yarn is then used to make our garments, which are then dyed in an array of colours so that you can find a set that suits your personal aesthetic. Any wastewater containing excess dye is carefully cleaned and treated before being released back into the environment to prevent damage.
  • When we’re ready to sell our leggings, we make a conscious effort to use models that represent women in all their diversity. Our goal is to make you feel confident, which is why we do our best to empower women of all body types and ethnicities.
  • Once we make a sale, our garments are packaged in 100% recycled paper and cardboard that has been sourced in Ireland. We intentionally sell our products without a tag as these are frequently attached to the garment with a plastic string, and we want to minimise our use of non-recycled plastic as much as possible.

Every aspect of our production process has been carefully thought through down to the finest details to create the best product that we can. We’ve truly put our hearts and souls into our products, so we hope that our activewear makes you feel as amazing as you deserve to!