The Effects of Fast Fashion

Although fast fashion dominates today’s clothing market, the manufacturing process of these mass-produced garments can be detrimental to not only the environment, but the workers who are creating the clothes.

The production of fast fashion uses approximately 8,000 chemicals, with many workers being exposed to these dangerous substances every day as they try to meet the growing demand for inexpensive clothing. The production of fast fashion is even thought to contribute to around 5% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, which is as much as the entirety of Russia produces.

Up to 97% of fast fashion garments are produced overseas in countries with a lack of labour laws and worker protections, meaning many of those who are producing these products are made to work in poor conditions with minimal pay. What’s worse is that some of these workers are children who have been exploited for cheap labour, and whose lives are in danger every day that they are forced to work for fast fashion brands.

Many people are unaware of where their clothes come from and who made their garments, which is why we keep everything transparent with our customers. BeMona doesn’t just believe in creating sustainable activewear that reduces plastic waste and CO2 emissions. As an ethical sportswear brand, we take pride in following the highest manufacturing standards and taking responsibility to ensure that our staff are working in a safe and fair environment.

How We Support our Staff

Our manufacturing site in Vietnam creates recycled leggings and activewear following the leading social accountability standards, including SA8000 regulations.

The SA8000 standard is based on the internationally recognised Universal Declaration of Human Rights and strives to protect workers from exploitation while ensuring them a fair wage for their efforts. To gain SA8000 certification, facilities must go beyond compliance to the regulations, and instead integrate it into everyday management practices.

This is why our manufacturing site is:

  • Completely free from forced labour and/or child labour
  • A healthy and safe environment to protect staff wellbeing
  • Free from discrimination against gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, or age

Everybody on the BeMona team is paid a fair living wage and works regular, working-day hours that provide plenty of time for relaxation. The SA8000 protects over 2,100,000 workers worldwide across 56 countries, and we are proud to be one of 4,608 certified organisations that are helping to promote a safe working environment.

We understand that it can be difficult to find beautiful activewear that is as functional as it is socially conscious, which is why BeMona was created. Now, you can purchase with confidence knowing that your clothing has been created in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible manner that has our staff’s wellbeing in mind.