Want to enjoy guilt-free workouts all year long? Sustainable activewear is on the rise –– and there are several reasons why. Whether you’re searching for classic black leggings or vibrant summer shades, BeMona is home to a myriad of eco-friendly styles that allow you to become a more conscious consumer. Read on to learn more:

Sustainable activewear: The new and improved way to workout

An increasing number of consumers are opting to shop sustainably as opposed to purchasing products from fast fashion brands. Our motives are clear: fitness fanatics are wanting to make more ethically conscious choices that cause minimal harm to both people and the planet –– one purchase at a time.

One way we’re achieving this? Giving a new life to single-use plastics by crafting leggings made from recycled plastic bottles. Whether you’re new on the sustainability scene or a seasoned eco-advocate, sustainable activewear is quickly becoming the new normal.

Easing yourself in? Grab a pair of our Black Leggings and feel the difference for yourself. Compressive, supportive and seriously flattering, they hug your figure in all the right places. Not only do they fit like a glove, but they’re made using 25 recycled plastic bottles. Plus, once you’re done with them, they can be recycled responsibly too!

The best squat proof gym leggings

For those looking for the next best thing in sustainable activewear, keep an eye out for bold prints and saturated shades, just like you see here with our Yellow Leggings and Red Leggings.

Forget feeling mellow in yellow –– these leggings certainly make a statement, designed to help you push your limits both in and out of the gym. Squat-proof, sweat-wicking and quick-drying, they effortlessly wick away moisture and keep you cool and dry throughout the most intense workouts. Be sure to pair yours with the coordinating Yellow Bra and Red Bra for the full look.

Circular Fashion: The importance of giving back

The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of the global output of carbon emissions every year. When choosing to purchase sustainable activewear as opposed to fast fashion, you’re pledging a commitment to improved ways of keeping both fashion (and the environment!) flourishing.

In fact, recycling all plastic waste would reduce carbon dioxide equivalent emissions by 25% from business-as-usual emissions –– and at Be Mona, we believe every purchase of our recycled leggings gets us one step closer to an eco-friendly future.

Ready to start constructing your ethical fitness wardrobe, courtesy of Be Mona? We’re confident that you’ll not only love how our pieces look, but you’ll also feel great in every kind of way, knowing you’re supporting sustainable production methods.

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